Monday, January 21, 2019

What Amazon Tracker can do for you?

Tracking your products

All of your products sale on Amazon you want to track and you can track them by adding these products into our plugin and we'll track them for you periodically.
Let's do it step by step:
1. Open the product list page which you can add the product on. It should seen as  figure below
Blank Product List Page
2. Click the "Add Product" button and you'll be redirected to the "Add Product" page.
Add New Product

3.Fill the "Add New Product" form with relevant message you want to only the required fields needed to be filled presently.
4.After doing that, you'd have been taken to the product list page by clicking the "Confirm" button and you'll see the page as below or within 5 minutes for the first product it takes time to retrieve the information from Amazon.

5.As you can see the information from the above figure, it shows the name, price, ranks in categories, reviews count, score, follow sale status and two more extra buttons at the first and last column which you can "click" for more information respectively. The first column of the table as you can see is a right arrow ">" by clicking it you'll see the product's sales rank information expanded under the row you've clicked at.

6.Click the "view" button at the last column of the table.
product basic information

product reviews
product historical rank information of the 1st category

product historical rank information of the 2nd category
product historical rank information of the 3rd category
product historical rank information of the 4th category
product historical review count
product historical rating

product historical price

product historical follow sale

product historical FAQ

that's all for today, and the next time we're going to talk about how to track your competitors' products and yours at the same time.
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